Grants from the trust

One-off grants are made by the Trust and depend on the annual level of funds available. The types of charitable support, based on the objects of the Trust are in 3 categories of applicant and area of activity, as follows:

General Cases – Financial Hardship

1. Existing Engineers’ Company Members, retired Members, or, the wives, husbands, widows, widowers, children, orphans and others depending on them can be considered for the relief of hardship.

Support of the City of London

1. Organisations and individual charities that further the interest of the history, traditions and customs of the City of London can be supported.

2. The Lord Mayor, Alderman and Corporation of the City of London in all matters relevant to life of the City of London including especially any charitable activities with relevance to ‘engineering’ can be considered.

Support of other Engineering Activity

Applications can be made from charitable organisations with a strong history or ethos of engineering, for initiatives that promote the advancement of the science, art and practise of engineering.

Application for Charitable Support Grant

There is no standard application form for grants from the Trust. Applications can be made in writing in any format to:  The Worshipful Company of Engineers Charitable Trust Fund, Saddlers’ House, 44 Gutter lane, London, EC2V 6BR, or telephone: +44(0) 20 7726 4830, or e-mail