News 2013

New Leete Premium Award      

Thanks to the legacy left by Dr Leete, and after a great deal of work by Past Master Chris Price to investigate the most effective way of satisfying Dr Leete’s requirement to support production engineering research, the Trust has agreed to support postgraduate students working on their PhDs at the Institute for Manufacturing at the University of Cambridge. Using income from the capital given to the Trust, we are able to offer a Premium to one student each year which will provide for them over the three years of their PhD study with financial support to match the highest levels of award currently on offer (over and above the basic level of funding generally available) which will enable some of the best candidates to undertake advanced manufacturing research in the UK and at one of its top centres.

Royal Academy of Engineering MacRobert Award      

The Trust’s Chairman, Past Master John Robinson been working very closely with the Royal Academy of Engineering to re-invigorate the MacRobert award for engineering excellence. This is the largest and most prestigious Award for engineering innovation for UK engineers. The annual Award is £50,000 to the individual engineers, not their company, to use as they wish. They also receive a Gold Medal, it is high profile, always gets significant media coverage, and is awarded to individual engineers for innovation, commercial success and contribution to society. Our support has enabled the Award to be sustained at its current real value for at least the next ten years.

Awards Applications now open for 2014      

Our search is now on for the best engineers eligible for each of our awards and prizes.  Could you be eligible to win up to £50,000?